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Sequoia Hills Stables opened its doors in 2012 – offering a full service facility for boarding, training and lessons, in beautiful Elderwood.    We wanted to create a place where they could enjoy their own passion for horses and provide a home for horses to live their lives happily and in good health.  We wanted an ideal place for riders whether beginning or advanced to pursue this same passion in a lovely environment. 



Welcome to SHS.  

Marily Reese

Marily is Sequoia Hills' owner.  "As a horse crazed little girl growing up in suburban Sacramento, I lived for my once-a-week riding lesson.  My sisters both had horses, and I would go to the Sacramento Riding Club with them each Saturday.  I would practice trotting and cantering on my stick horse – I was obsessed.


During my years at UC Davis, I was a member of the newly formed Equestrian Team.  The team competed at 3-day events, as well regular English shows.  One of my team-mates also introduced me to the sport of endurance riding.  I learned a tremendous amount about horse care during those years as there was an amazing amount of interaction with the veterinarians at each ride.  I also participated in numerous “Ride & Tie” events which involve 1 horse and 2 riders.  The teammates take turns riding and running along a course of 40 miles, similar in terrain to regular endurance rides.  In the endurance rides and the Ride & Ties – my goal was to complete the rides with a sound and healthy horse.  I was fortunate to complete every ride I started, including the Tevis.    


Later, I was introduced to pack trips into the High Sierra.  Along with my UC Davis team mate, we embarked on a long distance pack trip.  Our first trial ride was with our sleeping bags tied on the backs of our English saddles – and we carried our clothes and food in backpacks.  It was a sight that would curl the toes of any honest to goodness packer!  After that – we invested in a proper pack horse and pack equipment and set off to see the Sierra.  She rode the Arabian, and I rode the Quarter Horse that we competed with on the college team.  These horses were versatile. 


After graduating from Davis, I returned to showing hunters in Sacramento.  Several career moves later, I settled in the foothill community of Elderwood, in central California.  Pack trips into the Sequoia National Forest and Sequoia National Park became a renewed passion.  I became very active in the Backcountry Horsemen of California, and still belong to the High Sierra Unit.


In 2003, under an expert coach, I became a member of a 4 person dressage team competing in ‘Quadrille.’  I am still involved in dressage, riding both as an individual, and with a Quadrille team.  And I also have my mule for packing into the High Sierra!  


Horses have provided me with great friends, great experiences, and new challenges.  I’m still as obsessed as that little girl was many years ago!"         

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