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 Boarding Services 

SHS offers customized services for horses in need of full-time boarding, temporary rehabilitation, gestation, retirement or training.    

Monthly Boarding 

Includes feeding top quality hay twice per day, stalls & pens cleaned daily, and turn-out for stalled horses.

Main Barn
Box Stalls 12'x14' with paddock 
Box Stalls 12'x14' 

MD Barn
Stall 12'x16' with turnout 
Stall 12'x12' 


Mare Motel
Stalls 12'x24' wire-framed 


Horses, Ponies & Broodmares 



Yearlings (up to 2 years old) 

Daily Boarding for Short Term Stays or Vacation

Includes feeding hay twice daily

Pipe Pens with Cover or Mare Motel 

Additional Boarding Services

Handling Fee (farrier, vet, etc.) 
Hauling Fee  - based on distance
Trailer Parking 

  • Special layup services are available.  Fees negotiated based on horse's needs.  May include: post-op care, administering medicines, bandaging, hand-walking, hot-walker, vet checks, farrier, etc.

  • Special care and treatment for retirees includes careful transitions and close watch on weight.

  • Transportation services are available to pick-up or return horses to and from other facilities for vet appointments, to attend shows and clinics, and other needs as desired by clients.

  • Veterinarian and farrier fees are determined by the service provider and billed accordingly.  Client may use the professional of their choice.

Contact SHS with any questions about our training services or rates.

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